Everyone. Everyday. Everywhere. 

Everyone. Everyday. Everywhere


21 Days of Wellness:
Daily Videos & Resources

Click here to watch the daily videos and access resources for the 21 Days of Wellness series starting from Sunday 10th - Sunday 31st Jan 2021. Each week is themed around our 2021 key passage of Isaiah 42:5-6.
  • Week 1: Worship - Recapturing our wonder of God 
  • Week 2: Friendship - Reconnecting in healthy friendships
  • Week 3: Generosity -  Living a life of generosity
Join us online each Sunday as we explore more of what God is saying from this passage.


We are passionate about Jesus, committed to being authentic in our faith; and love to care and serve in our local communities. We gather together to celebrate God’s goodness and share his life and love. We believe that God loves everyone, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience that love.

Latest Sermon

21 Days of Wellness

We’re kicking off 2021 with our vision series, setting the scene for what God is speaking to us for the year ahead. ‘21 Days of Wellness’ is about starting the year in a place of health so that we can then bear the fruit that Jesus has called us to. We are focusing on verses from Isaiah 42:5-6 and discovering how we can recapture our wonder of God, reconnect in healthy friendships and live a life of generosity.